Two Week Old Puppy Left in Florida Car

A two week old puppy was recently found left in a sweltering car in Pensacola, Florida. Luckily, police were able to rescue the puppy before it was too late.

The puppy was returned to the owner because the puppy needed to ween from its mother. However, police are still inquiring as to how the puppy actually ended up in the car.

Regardless, people need to STOP LEAVING THEIR PUPPIES IN CARS

We are getting sick and tired of hearing about these stories year after year.

Given all of the coverage throughout the years, its almost impossible for someone to be doing this by accident.

It has to be a deliberate attempt by any owner to rid themselves of the responsibility of having a dog.

This truly needs to stop.

If you cannot or do not want to take care of your dog, bring them to the local animal shelter or rescue organization

There is someone out there who can care for the puppy.

Please, please, please… let’s not have any more innocent dogs die.