Long Beach Police K9 Dies from Friendly Fire

In an extremely unfortunate event, Credo, a K9 police dog from the Long Beach Sheriff’s Office, was killed in an act of friendly fire.

Credo had been a member of the Long Beach police force for over 3 years. He was an extremely talented and loyal police dog – often displaying his great acts of bravery and heroism when he was working.

He has been credited with helping solve well over 20 crimes. This makes him one of the most decorated police dogs in Long Beach Sheriff’s Office history.

In addition to being an exemplary K9 police dog, Credo was a loving member of the Addelson family. George, Maria, Bethany, and Erin are going to deeply miss Credo. George was Credo’s partner on the force.

They’ve spent nearly every waking moment together for the past 3 years. They were truly one with each other.

When Credo wasn’t working, he loved going for runs, fetching tennis balls, swimming in the lake, and chewing sticks. He was particularly good at chewing sticks and was depended upon by the Addelson family during the Fall to help with yard cleanup.

Credo is going to be greatly missed.